Featured Modules

  • Atennea Incoming management software provides you with an agile and automated booking entry, as well as allowing you integration with all booking systems of tour operators.

    Through the massive entry of bookings in the system you will avoid the problem of lack of resources and through automation you may work directly with the customers’ data of your incoming agency.

  • Hotel:
  • The Hotel module is responsible for managing the hotel reservations in all the points of contact with the customer, from his/her communication to the hotel until the time of billing.

    With Atennea Incoming management software you can get in simple and quick way information on occupancy per tour operator and, if you want, set it on a level with the quota hired with the hotels.

    Atennea Incoming includes automatic communication of bookings to hotels, in addition to allowing you to link it with Navihotel hotel software solution, through the communication of contracts and booking.

     In this module, the contracts include management of the quotas, guarantees and all the economic information which is necessary for invoicing.

  • Transfer:
  • With Atennea Incoming management software you can control from a single screen the check in date and check out date of your customers, with the possibility to display from a single zone and tour operator their multiple combinations.

    Atennea Incoming transfer module will allow you to efficiently manage all incidents, both operational and economic, which occur in the transfers of your customers, in addition to having a full analysis of the costs associated with the transfers.

    This comprehensive module also gives you the opportunity to be linked to the solution Atennea Transfer.

  • With the excursions management of this incoming agencies management software you can control all aspects associated with an excursion, from its creation and communication to the carrier to the billing to the tour operator, including a comprehensive analysis of the associated costs.

    Atennea Incoming also covers clearance revenues of the guides representatives and discounts to tour operators.

  • The Circuit module allows you to conveniently manage all the information concerning circuits, composed of several excursions linked through hotel stays, from the introduction of bookings to the billing to the tour operator.

Hotel Payment:
  • Hotel Payment:
  • Hotel Payment is responsible for managing the payment to the hotels, the advances granted, guarantees, commercial partnerships and even a possible conciliation with the economic data of your customer.

    Since the Hotel Payment module of Atennea Incoming allows you to centralize the payment to all your hotels’ delegations, you will be able to compare the performance of the different delegations, and the economic volume of management, as well as the financial control over your hosting providers.

  • Atennea Incoming offers you a wide additional functionality which is constantly increasing, such as the management of flight plans, advances to hotels, guarantees, customer complaints, etc.