Navihotel is a management solution for Hotels and hotel Chains that allows management of all areas of your establishment in a fully integrated way, from the reception to financial management, POS System management, Storing/Warehouses, CRM, Purchase Central, Halls and Events, Business Intelligence, mobility solutions, etc.

With Navihotel you can manage your holiday hotels, temporary or not.Its modularity and the care and advice of experts in tourism consultants allow us to adapt to your needs depending on the type of management.

Besides the possibility to work with different forms of management and financial, Navihotel will allow you to have constant and real control of the contractual situation with tour operator, availability, and cost and revenue of the hotel or chain, in order to help you to take  the best decisions and help in future negotiations.

Our Hospitality Management Software will facilitate the management of all the activities, including establishment or vacation extras, that  you offer to your customers. Another great value offered by Navihotel are the necessary functionalities of online sales, loyalty processes and e-marketing to help you generate a database of loyal customers to their stores.

Special mention must also be made of the integration capacity of this software with potential hotel peripheries, such as switchboards, magnetic band cards, TV-pay systems or document scanner. Given that Navihotel is developed on Microsoft Dynamics NAV Platform, you can get multiple benefits when using Hotel Management Software with seamless integration with other Microsoft products: Office, Outlook, and Operating Systems.

For this and many other reasons, Navihotel is more than a PMS, being the most complete solution for your hotel or hotel chain with more than 600 installations and the support of  Sistemas de Gestión, Microsoft Gold Partner which has been leading the vertical solutions market in the tourism sector for more than 20 years.


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